Welcome to Meaghan Smith Makes, a place for me to share some projects I've been working on.

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing miniature portraits of animals, robots and any other sort of character I dream up. To date I have done over 500 of these little portraits and every single one of them has found a home with you. I can't tell you how proud and happy this makes me.

I am currently in the process of revamping my miniature art show. I am pushing myself and growing as an artist. I can't wait to show you what I'm dreaming up!

Here are some frequently asked questions and my answers about my Miniature Art:

Q: Why Miniature Art?

A: The Miniature Art Show is a collection of miniature paintings that I began creating for my own enjoyment. I wanted to take them on the road while I was on tour and display them at shows, so they needed to be small enough to fit in my suitcase. I stumbled upon some really great tiny frames and began to fill them with portraits of all sorts of characters from robots, to animals, to humans and anything else I could imagine.

Q: How can I be informed about your Miniature Art Shows?

A: There are a few ways. The best way is for you to join the Miniature Art Connoisseur Club. It's totally free, and by signing up for the Miniature Art Connoisseur mailing list, you automatically become a member and will enjoy the exclusive benefits available only to members. You'll be the first to hear about upcoming Miniature Art Shows, have exclusive sneak peeks of Miniature Art shows where you can view and choose your favorite painting before it's open to the general public, and be eligible for exclusive promotional offers such as percentages off Commissioned Miniature Art.

 You can also follow me on facebook and twitter where I post regular updates about all upcoming Miniature Art Shows.

 Q: Where do you find the frames?

A: I find them all over the place. In antique shops, craft stores, on friend's Christmas trees, in the form of name places at wedding ceremonies, in (the obvious answer) frame stores, and hobby shops. I also comb through ebay and check out other websites to find them as well. I'm always on the look out for awesome tiny frames. Let me know if you find a great source!

Q: What medium do you paint in?

A: All my Miniature Paintings are done in high quality oil paints on heavy weight water colour paper. The frames range in materials, usually they are plaster or wood. I rarely find good quality plastic frames but sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised. I only paint what I would hang in my own home.

Q: How big are the Miniature Paintings?

A: Each Miniature Painting varies in size and shape, depending on the frame. All sizes are posted next to each available painting. They are usually no larger than six or seven inches and no smaller than three or four inches. But I am always up for doing a few larger ones and a few smaller ones. They are titled and signed on the back, and each Mini Painting comes with a corresponding Mini Certificate of Authenticity.

Q: How do you price your Miniature Paintings?

A: Pricing art can be a tricky thing. I've sought advice from other artists and researched pricing art on the internet, and this is what I have come up with. I add up my costs (paper, paints, and the frame) and my time. From conception sketch to finished painting, each Miniature Painting takes (roughly) between eight to twelve hours to create. Some paintings are much more complex and because I find the frames in various ways, each frame costs a different amount. Some are larger and some are smaller. Taking these factors into consideration, I then try to come up with a fair price that reflects my costs and time.

Q: How do you come up with all the different ideas?

A: Each painting is 100 percent original. I have a sketchbook with me at all times that I jot down Mini Painting ideas in. A lot of the time I paint what I wish was real, weather that be swanky ducks, handsome ghosts, kindly robots or anything else I can possibly imagine. Sometimes when I'm not coming up with anything good I'll call my sister Erin. She's chalk full of awesomeness and is generous enough to share her ideas with me.

Q: Do you own any of your own original Miniature Paintings?

A: I don't! While it's hard to sell them (I get very attached to some of them) I can't bear to keep them to myself. Everyone should have a bit of original art in their lives. It's my hope that you will find the one that suits you or someone you love perfectly, and their miniature individuality will bring you big amounts of joy.

Q: Do you do commissions?

A: I'm so glad you asked! Yes I love doing commissions! Just click here and message me with your ideas.

Have a look around and enjoy!

P. S. Here's some other stuff I make...

I wrote a book. It's called How To Have A Heart (In 25 Not So Easy Steps) and you can get it here. I hope you like it.

To learn more about my music, visit my official website at www.meaghansmith.com